Brake Manufacturer’s Vision For The Automotive Future Of Great Interest To Evox Images

Some car-shoppers are content knowing that the vehicle they’ve got their eye on simply has brakes. Then there are people who’ll settle for nothing but the best and understand the inner workings of these components. Case in point: Brembo brakes and according to a recent Car and Driver article, this company has a clear vision for the future of automotive components. Why care about Brembo brakes – or any other top-of-the-line part for that matter? According to Evox Images, a full-service automotive sector photography, videography and graphic design production studio, potential buyers could be looking for these high-performance parts and opt not to buy if they don’t seem them under the spotlight. As Evox Images reviews show, the images of new vehicles that this studio produces put every inch under the lens so visitors to a dealership’s website get the full picture.

According to the article, Brembo North America CEO Daniel Sandberg says that same major auto makers are getting away from only evaluating the total cost of manufacturing. “In the previous decade, many carmakers focused intensely on cost and forgot that the customer wants something different – that he wants to experience the excitement of driving,” Sandberg told the magazine. This is something that dealerships and other sellers of new cars should pay attention to, as they may be missing out on sales if only affordable or mid-range vehicles are for sale on the lot. When reading Evox Images reviews to see if this studio is the one that can capture new makes and models, you’ll see that full stills sets contain between 50 and 60 high-quality images. If you need customers to get the full picture, Evox Images can clearly help you get there.

The article also notes that Brembo, which is name associated with state-of-the-art braking components, expects electric braking systems to replace the hydraulic lines used in vehicles today. “There will be a lot of work on the feel. But there are great advantages: Electric signals are more manageable than hydraulic ones, and by-wire systems will simplify vehicle architectures,” the company’s braking systems director said. We point this out for one reason: It pays to pay attention to the experts. That’s what Evox Images does and Evox Images reviews reveal that this company has working relationships with 17 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).With such regular expose to brand-new concepts, components and cars, a vehicle-selling operation should feel confident with hiring a company like Evox Images to provide all-around photo, video and even virtual reality coverage of a car they’ll soon be selling.

Research Evox Images Reviews To Jump-Start Proven Auto Marketing Approaches For 2018

Auto sales in the U.S. are up and it’s an indicator of economic performance and consumer confidence. According to a recent CNBC report, March 2018 saw a 0.4 percent increase over March 2017. While 0.4 percent might not seem like much, the bump is still newsworthy and breaks “a three-month streak of falling sales,” the report states. Another silver lining to the increase – where an estimated 1.61 million new vehicles sales were recorded in March – is that discounts are a driver. Per the report, the “increased consumer discounts” that are being offered to shoppers “remain at levels that industry analysts say are unsustainable and unhealthy in the long term.” Whether that plays out to be true remains to be seen, but the takeaway here for those looking up Evox Images reviews is that there were well over 1 million Americans in the market for a new vehicle last month. Given current consumer trends, it’s highly likely that the vast majority of those shoppers did some due diligence online before heading to the dealership. This is where Evox Images reviews will show what this digital photography, videography and digital rendering company has to offer car-sellers.

When partnering with Evox for photo still sets, 360-degree wrap-around videos or virtual reality (VR) mappings, the bottom line is that your taking vehicles into the digital frontier. Recent studies show that the majority of shoppers want to research vehicles online before inspecting them for an in-person test drive and nothing puts them closer to the driver’s seat than Evox products. Whether you’re looking for 50 to 60 high-quality interior and exterior shots, three-angle displays in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) colors or “hero images” when the vehicle is put in a CGI background, Evox can help. In fact, positive Evox Images reviews will show that this company’s offerings give car-sellers everywhere a modernized way to connect with consumers. Whether the photos are run in newsprint or appear on a dealership’s website, shoppers will suddenly have a way to connect with the car they are considering purchasing.

According to the CNBC article, a record number of new car sales was set in 2016. In 2017, the overall total was 17.23 million vehicles. That’s an enormous number of assembly line-fresh cars and trucks and the demand of the modern American consumer.  With possible interest rate hikes on the way, thus making loans for new vehicles a bit more cost-prohibitive, now’s the time to turn to new marketing strategies like the ones outlined above.

Trust Evox Images To Show Consumers The Attributes Of Cars Crowned Year’s Best

Need a good way to gauge the ever-advancing sector of modern automobiles and their associated bells and whistles? Then take a look at the previous vehicles crowned “car of the year” by industry media outlets and you’ll be on the right track. According to The Car Connection, an online blog ran by former automotive journalism professionals and other industry experts, tackling the topic of the best car to buy in 2018 often comes with a history lesson. While Evox Images isn’t in the business of picking sides, it has spent untold hours getting up close and personal with new makes and models from major U.S. auto companies for nearly two decades now. That’s because this California-based company uses its digital photographers and 3-D artists to create all-encompassing renderings of automobiles for consumers to check out online. In fact, the work they do is just another example of how advanced this industry has become  -- but we’ll have more on that later.

For starters, let’s look at The Car Connection’s 2017 car of the year – which wasn’t a car at all. The Chrysler Pacifica mini-van boasted “lots of standard and optional technology” with a V-6 engine under the hood and plenty of storage space. It’s easy to see then why this effective and useful combination of horsepower plus more modern leanings -- like the option to get a hybrid engine -- earned it top honors. The year before that, it was the Honda Pilot with its “suave” and “slick” characteristics plus “great utility and safety to boot" that saw it earn the “car of the year” title from The Car Connection. In 2015, the Subaru Legacy came out on top and lauded for “downright plush and luxurious” interiors.

The interesting part about these reviews by The Car Connection is that the attributes they mentioned in reviews are all aspects that could be captured by Evox Images when shooting and rendering the interiors and exteriors. Given that this company has photographed more than 11,300 vehicles as of late 2017 and completed 1,668 Virtual Reality (VR) renderings, it’s safe to say that untold thousands of consumers have interacted with their work online. That’s where the projects that Evox Images is commissioned to do come into play: They make car shopping online a much more informative process. Moreover, more than one million people have downloaded the company’s app that allows users to explore the VR renderings so it should come as no surprise that the majority of consumers now more than ever say they’d shop with an auto retailer that utilized this technology.

Evox Images Reviews Shows That Dealers Should Seriously Consider Consumer Shopping Preferences

At the end of the day, the task before automobile manufacturers is to sell cars and trucks. This simple fact thus creates an interesting relationship between manufacturers, the media and dealerships and we can’t have one running smoothly without the other. Think about the last time you opened a newspaper and saw a full-page spread of new and gently-used cars available at the nearby car lot. Manufacturers make these cars, the media spreads the word and dealerships sell the vehicles.

“Spreading the word” takes on many forms these days and sellers who want to give potential customers a comprehensive look at the automobile often go above and beyond to provide that experience. That is one of the reasons why there is so much positive Evox Images review content currently online. This California-based company is given unfettered access to the hottest and newest models that will soon hit the market. From there, the company’s team of highly-trained photographers and 3-D modelers will create all-encompassing renderings of the vehicle so that visitors to a dealership’s website can view it from all sides and even “sit” in the driver’s seat thanks to the hard work of these Evox Images auto enthusiasts. So many of us no longer have the time to “window shop” through a car lot so getting acquainted online with a car or truck we may purchase is often the next best form of due diligence.

By looking up Evox Images review submissions, you’ll learn that this company has been around for a long time – nearly two decades to be exact. In that time, they’ve become the go-to resource for several U.S.-based auto marketers, more than 20,000 dealer websites, six dealer solution providers, 17 original equipment manufacturers, more than 500 newspapers and eight portal websites. With its finger on the pulse of modern advancements, those reading up on clients who’ve offered an Evox Images review will learn that virtual reality renderings are also at the forefront. As of November 2017, they’ve completed 814 VR projects and are already on track to do another 200 so far in 2018.

The road from assembly line to driveway wouldn’t be complete without a satisfying shopping experience for consumers. This is something that dealers need to consider if they expect to move product off the lot at a sufficient pace. One of the ways to do this, as any review of Evox Images will show, is through using the 360-degree imaging service that this company  offers. In fact, more than a million users had downloaded the VR app to be immersed in Evox’s automotive library as of July 2017. That’s arguably a statistic car companies should take note of if they hope to provide informative interactive experiences for consumers.

BlackBerry’s Move To Secure Car Data Encourages Advanced Automobile Sector

Given the break-neck speed that modern automotive technology is advancing, it’s no surprise that some are taking a step back to assess the progress and plug any gaps that may have been missed. One of these gaps, which fortunately has yet to be taken advantage of for less-than-noble purposes, are security risks stemming from automobile online connectivity. By researching any Evox Images review, gearheads will quickly learn just how fast automotive technology advances year over year. According to an Oct. 26, 2017 article from The Economic Times,  BlackBerry recently revealed “cybersecurity consulting services” that are in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. The aim, according to the article, is to steer clear of security risks that could be inherit with today’s smart cars.

The GDPR is a European Union authority that works to secure data and oversee exporting protocol when it comes to personal data. The BlackBerry effort will work to address and squash any security shortfalls when it comes to cars that are autonomous or are connected to the Internet. The “Cybersecurity Consulting” guide from BlackBerry will also address data management. According to the article, cybersecurity is a growing concern because there are more than 110 million vehicle currently on the road that boast connectivity capabilities. What’s more, this security sector is projected to be valued at $759 million come 2023.

"BlackBerry's cybersecurity consulting practice builds on decades of experience in information security, data protection and cyber-resilience to support our clients in protecting their most valuable assets,” BlackBerry’s global head of sales, Carl Wiese, told The Economic Times. “As hacking evolves and new threats arise, our new cybersecurity consulting services will help play a critical role in the development of secure connected and autonomous vehicles.”

Given the demand for high-end car photography, it’s easy for consumers to find out what new technology major automakers are rolling out every year. Reading any Evox Images review will show that this company is one with its finger on the pulse of the high-end car sector and with each photo shoot, it gets a closer look at what technology will eventually become the new normal. Look for any recent Evox Images review of photos from the company’s shoot of the 2016 Jaguar F-Type S and readers will quickly see everything that a modern high-end car console has to offer. For consumers who appreciate such technology and want to own a cutting-edge car, shopping online is one of the best ways to get acquainted with a brand new vehicle.